Selling stamps with photo s of London

Selling stamps and poster printing has become big business over the years, there has been many stamps issued with images of famous landmarks in London, England. All stamps of London which have been issued have been saved and collected by avid stamp collectors across the world.

The Tower of London was one of the pictured issued on a stamp in 1978, its most famous resident was William ‘The Conquerer’. The tower has been home to prisoners for almost 900 years, there has been a long list of kings, queens, traitors, sinners and saints who have been held at the tower usually against their will.

The houses of parliament and Westminster Bridge have also been issued on stamps throughout the years. The views on the stamps have been issued in all shapes and sizes, some have been taken from the side to get a good shot of Big Ben (the clock), others have been taken with a view across the river, to get in a good shot of Westminster Bridge also.

Tower Bridge has not only appeared on our stamps in the United Kingdom, but other countries have taken pictures of the famous bridge and have featured it on stamps too. The bridge has been taken both in the day time with a view across the river and also at night when the bridge is lit up.

St Paul’s Cathedral has been issued on stamps a few times the most recent I could find being on a first class stamp in February 2006. St Paul’s was built in 1673 and is known to be Sir Christopher Wren’s greatest work. The dome on the top of the cathedral is thought to be one of the biggest in Europe and is a well visualised landmark on the London skyline.

The London Eye which was originally built as part of the millennium celebrations has also been featured on British Stamps. Tourists queue to ride the London Eye each year, and to enjoy the view over the London skyline. The London Eye stands on the River Thames in one direction you can view Westminster Bridge and down the other part of the Thames Tower Bridge dominates the skyline.

Buckingham Palace which is also home to the Queen has been featured on stamps over the years too. Stamps traditionally have the head of Kings, Queens and Royalty whom are in power at the time the stamps are issued.

All of the pictures which are issued on the stamps help post offices when selling stamps (Briefmarken Verkauf), stamps with photo’s of London on them are usually sold at stamp auctions (Briefmarkenauktion) to collectors of stamp memorabilia. The price that is paid at auction depends on how sort after the stamp is.

Usually when stamps are issued they are issued as part of a set, they can be bought separately too, but if you were to come across one stamp of London with say St Paul’s Cathedral on, you would probably find a set of these stamps which are on general sale with four or five different images in the collection.