Promoting Ethnic Relations on Golf Course

There is something special about the game of golf that brings people together. You never see politicians having an informal meeting while playing a game of baseball or tennis, but you do see it all the time on the golf course. Golf is a game that leads itself to discussion as well as to competition, to team building as well as winning. When needing to promote ethnic relations, you need somewhere that is safe ground for both parties. You need somewhere friendly and unimtimidating that belongs to neither group. There really is nowhere more perfect than a golf course and a nice friendly game of golf for the promotion of ethnic relations.

Some people take their golf game very seriously, making sure that their score card is perfect and their opposition is not taking any advantage of them. However there is another way to play the game as well, and by simply leaving this competitive streak at the golf club door, many people enjoy the game just as much on a whole different level. Another reason why golf is the perfect game for a meeting of ethnically different parties is simple, golf is a universal sport. It is played in most places around the world and is expanding its range every year. There is no point putting on your Cleveland Golf gear and meeting up for a friendly game with someone from another culture if they don’t even know how to play, and with golf this will rarely be a problem.

Golf is a very relaxed sport that can be played at a nice and gentle pace. This in turn lends itself to discussion and an atmosphere of fun between the participants. The environment of a golf course is also the perfect background for the meeting of minds. A golf course is both a natural and a perfectly designed environment, ordered and neat while also allowing natural influences to shine through. In this way it is quite similar to Japanese zen gardens, which are designed especially so that people can lose themselves in nature and re-find themselves at the same time in a more ordered and perfect state.

This comparison is not really a stretch at all when we consider that not only the environment but the game of golf itself seems to have been designed with these same benefits in mind. A game of golf can certainly quieten the mind of the player and put them in a relaxing frame of mind, and it is almost a prerequisite to have a quiet mind when you are using your [2979] to finish off that hole. Golf is a very simple game in many ways, while clearing your mind and concentrating on the job at hand, it is possible to really relax and enter a deeper state of being.

These benefits are not only available for an individual but for a group as well. A group of people will often walk off the golf course as a more tightly knit unit than they entered it. The game itself can have a transformative effect if you allow it to. Ethnic relations can definitely be promoted and strengthened on a golf course, in fact it is one environment that almost seems like it was designed to do exactly that.